Leadership requires that you have the knowledge on the fundamentals of leadership. In order for you to be a charismatic leader, you should have an understanding of the various deeply considered beliefs. You should use principles that are free as well as those that exhibit openness. The people you talk to should feel that you […]

Moto E


Motorola is launching the next generation of its crazy phone, it has upgraded the Moto E but is it worth your attention? Motorola all the way. The Moto E was a no frills 3g enabled smartphone that was a better, if not the best smartphone in its category, bringing a new standard to the value […]

Head transplant.


A brave doctor from Italy Sergio Canavero says that he found a way to transplant a head from one body to another. All that he needs is 2 years of time and $10 million. A new body. The idea of your head on top of someone else’s body is scary .if you ask me, it’s […]



Photomath, the controversial equation solving app, arrives on android. Your problem…..solved. First of all, lets get familiar with the photomath application and its uses. Photomath is a neat little application which has tremendous potential. It can solve any equation problem or other math problem by simply looking at it through the camera lenses. All you […]

Kids Making Money


Kids Making Money in Early age Earning money from an early age is a good thing. It’s one of the best ways to teach children about money and how to use it. Parents sometimes have problems with their children because they can’t seem to appreciate the effort it takes to make money. There are ways […]

Woolet is your new wallet.


Kick starter has introduced the new woolet wallet that will be very hard to lose and pick pocketers…..don’t even think about touching it. The electronic wallet in your pocket. The woolet is the slimmest and arguable coolest wallet that a man can buy. Why is that so you ask? Here’s the reason. The woolet will […]

Financial Independence vs Retirement


Financial Independence vs Retirement There is a big difference between retirement and financial independence. The concept of retirement has taken on new meaning over the years. There was a time when people of a certain age retired from their jobs and continued to live their lives comfortably. This has changed due to so many factors. […]