Sony Action Cam


The struggling tech giant introduces a small splash proof awesome live action camera, but is this any good? Let’s find out   Sony is a company which I have been looking from my child hood for it trademark products which are very unusual but still highly functional. This camera which is tiny compared to your […]

HTC Re Camera


An unusual device from the loss making Smartphone maker which instills new hope in the casual  smartphone photographers      A month ago, htc introduced to the world a unusual camera, for which it received praises and now that the device is out in the market, the reviews reveal that the device will take the […]

Classic Blackberry


Struggling Smartphone maker introduces a new device called classic and it bring back old memories Blackberry which earlier released a strange yet distinctive device called passport with full qwerty keyboard has yet again released a full qwerty keyboard phone called blackberry classic which is a trip in the time capsule to the earlier 2000 where […]

Control Your Destiny


The first game developed by the halo franchise maker “bungie” is set to release today it’s been baptized as destiny. The game which has been teased by bungie for far too long is finally going to see the light of the day  Destiny has been described as a game close to massively multiplayer online(mmo) category but bungie is […]