Droid turbo: Motorola

Motorola has introduced a Verizon network exclusive phone and you might want to get your hands on it.droid_turbo_gallery_02-1050x600



Getting down to business

The big bad brother of the moto x (2014) is here and it blows away the competition like a pile of stash. This crazy gadget has one of the highest specifications set on paper but the bad news is that it will be Verizon exclusive. Hope this will be available worldwide or any similar model will do.

The best feature of this phone will be its biggest and baddest battery of 3900 milli amp hourwhich Motorola claims will give you up to 48 hours of usage on a single charge. Better than the excellent Sony’s xperia z3 and better that two iphone batteries combined togetherFN5xnnv

Other feature includes a 2k or quad hd display with 5.2 inches screen size translating into 562 ppi, the highest in the world. 3 gb of ram powered by the most powerful cpu in mobile segment available which is 2.7 ghz snapdragon 805

Camera is a 21 mp awesome shooter which takes some amazing snaps and records 4k videos, the front facing camera for selfies and video calls is a 2 mp one which takes nice photos and records 1080p videos. Another awesome feature is the turbo charger which Motorola informed that it will charge your phone so that it can run 8 hours in just 15 minutes.

Moto x like touch less voice activated system is also available and it’s water resistant…………..cool man!image

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