Facebook launches an effort to prevent suicide.


Facebook is introducing new tools that will identify people with suicidal tendencies and provide them with timely help that will save a life.

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Technology to the rescue.

Facebook and researchers at Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention, an interdisciplinary organization based in the University of Washington’s School of Social Work are partnering together for a noble cause which will identify and prevent suicides.it will work in the following way.

Facebook is a powerful tool with about 1.4 billion active users. These users provide intimate details such as travel plans and if they got laid that day. But they also share their emotional feelings when they are upset, this is where Facebook want to identify depressed people. It will look for posts that are emotionally disturbed and will offer assistance in case it deems the post as suicidal.

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Professional help.

“The thing that breaks my heart the most about this is that I think it was just episodic. I don’t think he wanted to die,” a researcher said. “But I was not trained. I did not know what to do.”

Facebook is readying a professional team that consists of mental health experts who are trained to support the mentally disturbed.

When a friend post mentally disturbed messages on their Facebook wall, you now have an option to report this post to the Facebook so that expert help can be provided to them immediately. You also have an option to talk to them about the post. You can even talk to trained professional and take his help in handling the situation. Distressed users will be encouraged to speak with a mental health expert at the national suicide prevention lifeline

All this effort with a hope that an innocent life will be saved. Way to go Facebook.

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