Family Plan


Getting a new healthy lifestyle for your family is so easy. Our Family Plan.

Sometimes when a family member decides to change his life, this is not always well received for the rest of the members.

Different food, schedules,…it is a true challenge for all of them.

However, when the whole family feel some changes have to be done, everything is different. Specially if we are talking about food and sport.

Performing as a true team, more goals are possible to reach.

Do not let your bad food habits reach your kids. Show them a healthy life is the way to go. Quality life, high standard living.

Starting at $100 month, we will provide you the best meal & workout plans for each one of your family: adults, kids, teenagers,…100% customized.

Either if you cook at home or eat out, we will show you the best products you must buy at the supermarket or order at a restaurant.

Adapted to your life, circumstances and goals.

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