What is xpartan?


What is xpartan?

More than a Personal Trainer

Xpartan is a project created by its founder and CEO, Jose Alberto Perez Martinez, that aims to revolutionize the business of Health and Personal Training.

We want to push the limits of the Personal Training Business and contribute to enhance the Health of the American families.

In recent times, several studies have demonstrated the relation between bad food habits and cancer or heart diseases.

Unhealthy eating linked to 400,000 deaths only in the United States. 45% of all deaths related to heart diseases were associated to bad eating habits.

Within that statistics, the most part of that numbers were people with scanty resources or few knowledge about healthy food or lifestyle.

Middle class spend millions of dollars paying hospital bills associated to overweight treatments and surgeries.

Not everybody can afford a Personal Trainer but, with xpartan, you can also get in shape or stay healthy.

Through our multiple services (online or personal) we provide you different ways to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy or whatever you need…at the best price.

Thanks to digital platforms like WhatsApp, Skype or many others, to get your own meal plan, training routine or nutrition advises for you or your family is cheaper than ever.

Starting at $20/month you can have your own Meal Planner service.

On the other hand, we can provide you traditional Personal Training Services. Training alongside with you at your home, gym, public park or wherever, our professional trainer will get the best from you and your body.

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