meet amazon’s new toy, the kiva robot




amazon is a company which always looks towards new ways in managing the work efficiently and its new idea will make you go crazy.

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an innovative idea.

the kiva robot, which amazon has employed in its 10 ware houses of the 50 available in the US is aiming for never before efficiency in handling the orders. consumers have estimated to have ordered 420 plus items per second on amazon and it takes large scale efficacy in delivering those orders.

the kiva robots are a simple mechanical devices that are in number of 15000 which help amazon increase upto 4 time more orders in a given time period than before. these robots were developed by kiva systems which was acquired by amazon recently and has employed these robots in its warehouses.

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will amazon replace humans?

but the danger always remains of eliminating the jobs which are otherwise amazon uses real people to fulfil. these robot are expected to cut the human jobs by up to 40 % and the increase efficiency. the kiva robots simple travel in a designated areas across the large ware houses to the specified item location rack and it lifts the entire rack on it back and brings it to the sorting counter.

the worker there removes the assigned item from the rack and will command the robot to replace the rack. this method has helped amazon in big way to deliver the orders which are otherwise becoming very difficult with increase loads daily.



it remains to be seen how this method works but as of now, amazon claims to have found never before levels of efficiency. stay tuned to xpartan for more info.

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