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Motorola is launching the next generation of its crazy phone, it has upgraded the Moto E but is it worth your attention?


Motorola all the way.

The Moto E was a no frills 3g enabled smartphone that was a better, if not the best smartphone in its category, bringing a new standard to the value for money smartphone segment. The dirt cheap Moto E had done most of the things right, in terms of hardware, it has medium ranged specs, and built quality was surprisingly good.

Moto E offered the experience of high end smartphone in a very cost effective way, but with its next gen Moto e, it aims to raise the bar even more. The screen size has been bumped to 4.5 inches. The Moto E comes with the latest goodies from Google’s android. The lollipop. Good thing is that the operating system is close to the stock android providing a pure android experience.


Next generation.

The major addition to the hardware is the front camera. It’s a vga camera but nevertheless a camera for your Skype calls and selfies. The storage has been doubled to 8 GB although a memory card slot is available. The new Moto e has lte capabilities, meaning your videos and web pages will now load faster than ever. Customization forms an integral part as Motorola has introduces the band covers.

These bands are available in six color options including Golden Yellow, Turquoise, Blue, Raspberry, Purple and Red. The new model also gets five “Grip shells” available in Golden Yellow, Charcoal, Turquoise, Blue, Raspberry.

The second generation Moto E has a 4G LTE speed, a 1.2GH quad-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and a 400MHz Adreno 306 GPU. It comes with 8GB storage space, 1GB of RAM, and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The Moto E LTE has a 2390 mAh battery which will last a full day.

surely, a worthy lte smartphone for the stingy.

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