The all new security first Blackphone 2


The Blackphone 2 is the new smartphone that will resist hacking and snooping attempts on your smartphone to keep you and your data safe.

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Security first.

“Safe and sexy” this is what the CEO of the startup silent circle called this phone and he was right in calling it so. The Blackphone 2 is an evolution of the original Blackphone with added feature. But the core philosophy remains the same, protect your customer at any cost.

“Never before have private citizens been under barrage from world governments — hacking, vacuuming, and chipping away at our privacy,” said co-founder and Chairman Mike Janke

“Enterprise privacy is similar to individual privacy. The same technologies can protect both,” mike said in a statement. “The recent Sony experience shows that enterprises too have a responsibility to up their game to protect the privacy of their own people and their partners.”

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Privacy focused.

The privacy focused smartphone will have its own operating system which is a forked version of the android 4.4.2 called as private OS. It still can run apps but is resistant to hacking attempts. The Blackphone products include Silent Circle’s software for encrypted voice and video chats, text messaging and contacts management. There’s also a new software product, Silent Meeting, for encrypted conference calls including multiple people. These products run on others’ Android and iOS devices, too, not just Silent Circle’s hardware.

The encryption of your data will be the first priority of the Blackphone and the encryption keys are kept a secret, so that even if somebody steals your data, they won’t be able to view it without the encryption key, rendering it useless.

Blackphone 2 comes out in mid-months of this year and will cost you $649. If privacy and security is your primary focus, you should check this phone.

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