Sony Action Cam

The struggling tech giant introduces a small splash proof awesome live action camera, but is this any good? Let’s find out107284-largest_2014InterbikeDay4_2


Sony is a company which I have been looking from my child hood for it trademark products which are very unusual but still highly functional. This camera which is tiny compared to your palm is actually a very good one as per body dimensions and decent in the performance departmentSony_HDR-AZ1_Lifestyle_07

Weighing at just 63 grams, this camera is lighter and more functional than the gro pro action cam. The 13.5 mp shooter equipped in the device has also wide angle f/2.8 lense which takes photos with 170 degree view. All the Sony’s cutting edge tech has been included


Sony Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1, to make it so small, Sony had to make some important tradeoffs. The most important is the lack of viewing screen. Yes, it has a tiny screen but it can only be used to view the status of the device like wifi on/off, charging status.

Many important accessories has  been provided to make it a slr quality camera, like the gps add on with a photo viewing screen, a tri pod attachment and the battery charging add on which make this device even more functional. The gps add on can also be used as a watch which is so awesome. The camera can also be used with ios and android

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