Stock Alert: VF Corporation

1One of the companies within Consumer Discretionary sector is VF Corp. I think that amazing times are coming for all those who decide open longs in this one.

As you can see, VF is recovering from a extreme downtrend that started in August 2015, almost 2 years ago. Now that the M40 (green line) is on the flat and a triple crossover is happening, is the moment to take positions.

Historically, VF is a deffensive company, always bullish, wich is good news for conservative investors. Last week sent alert signals breaking through the main downtrend.

The pattern SHS was the first signal that suggested a change in the main trend. Raising minimums and indicators are pointing the same direction.

OBV (Volume) is accompanying the price; MACD is turning up and already blue; DIM about in 20, indicating a strong new trend.

This alert could be confirmed this week (today is going up to 3%). If so, we might be cautious with the entry, because could suffer a little pull back after two weeks bullish.

It is for that reason that we should hold this position for several months (may be 6 or 7). After 2 years down, I don´t think this company will stop its skyrocket soon.

May be this week we see a little regression, wich would be the right moment to get in.

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