Stratos smart card.


The all new stratos smart card aims to eliminate every single card in your wallet with its simple and innovative working method.

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Your wallet, without the wallet.

Look at the stratos smart card and you might mistake it for a visiting card, the card that will act as a replacement to your credit card is actually thinner than your visa card. But within that thin structure lies its brains. It contains a Bluetooth radio, a battery, and touch-sensing technology.

But why is that stratos is getting all the attention when there are other mobile payments cards and system, coz it’s simple and very easy to use. Other payment methods will replace your bank cards, but stratos is the all in one card that can replace your bank cards, gift cards, petrol card,gym cards and Starbucks card. All contained in a single card.

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One card to rule them all.

Stratos smart card has slight advantage over systems like apple pay and Samsung pay. It is that they are nfc enabled and nfc payment is not available everywhere but the card system is available meaning you can you the stratos smart card in every place where a card is accepted.

it uses a headphone jack reader to add accounts to your card, just like Swyp, and has a similar Bluetooth security feature. To protect your information, the app can tell when the card is out of Bluetooth range, and after a pre-determined time — anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours — it can disable the card altogether.

The way it works is fairly simple. Up to three accounts can be loaded on Stratos at any given time, and you just tap the card twice to activate it. When the lights blink, press your finger to one of the three markings on the right side to select the account you want to use. If you forget which card is aligned to which slot, your phone reminds you which ones are which with a lock screen notification.

Stratos is being sold in form of membership and will cost you $95 for a year and $145 for two years membership.

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