NEST: The adaptive thermostat for your home.


One of the most interesting devices on the market that will help you maintain the right temperature of your home using Wi-Fi capabilities. Welcome to the future. First off, a thermostat is a device that is connected to the home air condition and heater system. It senses the room temperature and cools or warms it […]

Google will now let you search lyrics of a song.


    Lyrics at your feet the search giant is making the process of singing along to your favorite songs easier. The search engine will now provide users in North America with full lyrics for songs above their search results — assuming the lyrics are recorded in the Google Play store. Append “lyrics” onto the song name of your […]

Google to Expand Support for Microsoft


Google’s Cloud Service Expands Support for Microsoft Software According to Bloomberg, Google Inc. (GOOG)’s cloud service is expanding support for rival Microsoft Corp.’s software, as the Web-search company seeks to attract more business customers. The Mountain View, California-based company, looking beyond its core advertising business, is rolling out options to attract more customers to its cloud […]

Android 5.0.1


  google release it first update to the latest flavor of its android, the android 5.0.1 which aim to fix a specific problem with the devices running android lollipop.     latest flavor.  the android lollipop which is the major redesign of the android os since it launch features the new material design which will […]