Abdominales y mujeres ¿Compatibles?


Aunque veáis muchas fotos de mujeres en Instagram presumiendo de una cintura plana o insinuando algunas formas, os habrá llamado la atención que casi ninguna marca los abdominales. Es cierto, las mujeres nunca o casi nunca se quedan tan recortadas como para marcar abdominales. Esto se explica porque el último “empujón” que les faltaría para […]

The screens are killing your sleep.


  Viewing the screens just before you sleep will affect you in a way that is very unhealthy.   The tests. Reading a book while sleeping is an age old method of slipping into sleep but that is only applicable to only paperback book. Going towards tablets and eBook readers is mostly harmful…..research claims. Scientific […]

Running For your Life

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.

If you want to change your mind to be in shape, I don´t know better way to go that Running. At first it is so complicated. May be you feel your overweight and  you get discourage. However, you shouldn´t give up. You have done the most difficault: go to the street. Once you started, only […]