Moto E


Motorola is launching the next generation of its crazy phone, it has upgraded the Moto E but is it worth your attention? Motorola all the way. The Moto E was a no frills 3g enabled smartphone that was a better, if not the best smartphone in its category, bringing a new standard to the value […]

Its now illegal to lock a phone by the carrier if it is out of contract.


As of today, your carrier will not have much control over your subsidized smartphone that has completed it contract period and it will remain free to switch carriers. Your phone is now yours. The major service provider such as ATT, sprint, t-mobile have agreed to unlock the smartphone of their user which has completed its […]

china beats south Korea in smartphone shipment.


  Nine representative Chinese handset makers have toppled Samsung and LG’s combined market share for the second quarter of 2014, according to a report released Tuesday by the Federation of Korean Industries, an alliance of South Korean conglomerates. how did this happen    The FKI said the nine global Chinese smartphone makers, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, […]

The budget 4G phone: HTC 510.


  Htc has launched its budget phone for the season and it’s a cheap but pleasant phone that comes with no strings attached and 4G LTE.     Moto g killer? Announced a couple of months back as the first 64 bit smartphone which has android and low end snapdragon processor, the htc 510 is […]