Is it time to buy a new laptop?


There are a zillion new laptops out there that are better than the current one you use but are they really that significant an upgrade to warrant a new laptop purchase? Read on to find out. The golden age for laptops. Gaming laptops, casual laptops or hybrid ones. It’s the best time where technology has […]

Japan To Develope 3D Printed Human Organs


Japanese government will also begin heavily investing in this very human branch of 3D bio printing technology. This Japanese announcement thus follows a current trend in medical science, but they are reportedly doing it on a hitherto unseen scale. For reports have surfaced that they will invest a massive sum of 2,5 billion yen in […]

World’s Largest & Productive Indoor Farm


The statistics for this incredibly successful indoor farming endeavor in Japan are staggering: 25,000 square feet producing 10,000 heads of lettuce per day (100 times more per square foot than traditional methods) with 40% less power, 80% less food waste and 99% less water usage than outdoor fields. In the currently-completed setup, customized LED lighting developed […]

2015 is the best year to buy a laptop.


With the decline of the tablets and smartphone, the triggering of laptop sales tell a different story and it was unexpected. Laptop rises again. The tablets have taken the centre stage for a couple of years now and people have flirted with productivity and portability but it could never replace a work laptop or a […]

Zymatic for Beer Fans


PicoBrew Zymaltec Introducing the worlds first all grain, fully automatic beer brewing appliance. Choose to brew from a list of over 100 types of beer, or create your own. Brew your favorite beer consistently, as many times as you want. Share your recipes with others, rate other recipes, try out 23 recipes that are very […]

The Virtual Flame from Samsung


When using an induction cooktop, many users find it difficult to ‘see’ if it is heating properly. This has been more of a disadvantage than a feature. Users can press the buttons on the stove to control the heat level, which is convenient, but it is not really possible to actually observe or feel it. […]

Safest Helmet for Cyclists: By Volvo


Cycling is as beautiful as hazardous. Training alongside cars on the highway brings shocking consequences. GHSA’s Spotlight on Highway Safety: Bicyclist Safety notes that yearly bicyclist deaths increased 16 percent between 2010 and 2012, while overall motor vehicle fatalities increased just one percent during the same time period. Bicycle fatalities are increasingly an urban phenomenon, […]