The truth about fructose

I am sure that sometime in your life listened about the advantages of eating fruits, right? And at the same time I am sure you are now hearing that fructose is bad, isn´t?

So, wich one is true? Is good or bad? This is all that you have to know about the truth of the fructose.

What Science says.

Recently, there is a powerful mainstream about fructose and its responsability in the high numbers of obesity nowadays. Specifically the High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

According to John S White “the HFCS-obesity hypothesis is supported neither in the United States nor worldwide“.

Furthermore he adds that although examples of pure fructose causing metabolic upset at high concentrations abound, especially when fed as the sole carbohydrate source, there is no evidence that the common fructose-glucose sweeteners do the same.

Thus, studies using extreme carbohydrate diets may be useful for probing biochemical pathways, but they have no relevance to the human diet or to current consumption.

The US obesity crisis continues to worsen. However, it can be seen that per capita calories from HFCS have been stagnant since 1998 and in decline since 2002.

Clearly, the association between HFCS and obesity is no longer valid, and HFCS is not predictive of US obesity.

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